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It’s a Thanksgiving Miracle!


The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom is on sale on Steam. This sale only lasts until December 3rd, so run, don’t walk! Actually, don’t run if you’ve just had a bunch of Thanksgiving food, you might get leg cramps. This Thanksgiving give the gift of stolen pies!

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Sweet Bonus Runs and Strategies by SpaceRook

How else are people solving these? It’s always fun for us to see the ways people think about the puzzles.

Some Recent Reviews oh.. and BTW the Game is Out!

1 up Score A+

But underneath Winterbottom’s silent film style is a game that doesn’t forget that its main job is to be fun. You can ignore all the artistic trappings and tread Winterbottom like a straightforward puzzler, but you’ll be doing yourself a disservice not to take in the delightful imagery and every word of the ridiculous, rhyming story.

GamerVison 9.5/10

There’s honestly very little to complain about with The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom. It’s challenging, but never frustrating, and offers some of the most satisfying and addictive puzzle gameplay in recent memory. The art style is unique and exceptional, and the entire package is completely charming, despite the protagonist being a selfish old pie thief.

GamePro 4.5/5

From its amusingly named protagonist to the children’s storybook interludes and pie-centric premise, The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom oozes whimsy at nearly every turn

GameSpy 4.5/5

Presentation goes a long way in indie games, but it’s rarely informed by the game’s mechanics. Such is not the case with Winterbottom; despite being developer The Odd Gentlemen’s first game, they skillfully use their visual aesthetic both as a hook to catch your eye and as an integral part of gameplay

Still many more reviews pouring in…. here’s one from Arm Chair Diplomat in ryhme