Announcing Puzzlejuice for iPad/iPhone/iPod 

…Phew! This blog is dusty.  We’ve been waiting to start unveiling some awesome news, so for starters…

We are happy to announce Puzzlejuice, a mash-up word game for iOS!

Puzzlejuice is an extremely polished, very addicting combination of word-hunting, match-three, and that other falling tetromino game.  The game was created by the boy genius, Asher Vollmer, (…well, young man genius now).  

Asher is the original programmer of the student version of Winterbottom, (when he was a senior in high school, no less) and has since worked with The Odd Gentlemen every summer of his college youth.  He was burning the midnight oil on Winterbottom XBLA, missing class to help script and designing the gooey center of the game.  He was even with us for the wild ride of trying to figure out how to script a boxing glove that smacks PS3 Home avatars in the face.  This past summer however, turned out differently for our little gent. Instead of having him work on our future magic, we funded him to make any game he wanted.  Call it a “senior gift.”  

The game he created was Puzzlejuice, and you can buy it today!  Asher teamed up with Greg Wohlwend (Solipskier) for the slick artstyle and Jimmy Hinson (Mass Effect 2) for the soothing tunes. We are very proud of Asher, he has come a long way since the flash version of Winterbottom and we can’t wait to see what he does in the future :).

You can support our fellow gent by picking up Puzzlejuice for your iPhone/Pod/Pad here: 

iTunes Link  

Puzzlejuice Official Site